2022 年第 42 卷第 9 期

论著 Original Article

Expression of GPR183 in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma and its effect on cell proliferation
张亚楠, 张春明, 贾越, 黄赛亚, 郝佳慧, 郝文静, 卜倩倩, 杨泽华
ZHANG Yanan, ZHANG Chunming, JIA Yue, HUANG Saiya, HAO Jiahui, HAO Wenjing, BU Qianqian, YANG Zehua
沉默lncRNA THAP9-AS1对乳腺癌细胞增殖、凋亡、迁移及侵袭的影响
Effect of silencing lncRNA THAP9-AS1 on the proliferation, apoptosis, migration and invasion of breast cancer cells
王枝红, 刘红, 何楠, 杨海松
WANG Zhihong, LIU Hong, HE Nan, YANG Haisong
Bioinformatics analyses of serum proteins and microRNAs expression profiles and pathogenesis of pediatric dilated cardiomyopathy
刘娜, 赵倩倩, 尤红俊
LIU Na, ZHAO Qianqian, YOU Hongjun
长非编码反义RNA FMR1-AS1及其正义RNA FMR1在宫颈癌中的表达
Expression levels of long non-coding antisense RNA FMR1-AS1 and its sense-strand RNA FMR1 in uterine cervical cancer
黄秋霞, 欧海玲, 黄克强, 刘姗姗
HUANG Qiuxia, OU Hailing, HUANG Keqiang, LIU Shanshan
Gene mutation and drug resistance analysis for 101 cases of gastric Helicobacter pylori infection
娄丽萍, 张文迪
LOU Liping, ZHANG Wendi
Efficacy of quadruple therapy with different doses of esomeprazole in the first-line treatment of patients with Helicobacter pylori infection
唐军, 陈花, 刘振北
TANG Jun, CHEN Hua, LIU Zhenbei
Clinical efficacy of doxofylline combined with ambroxol hydrochloride in the treatment of elderly patients with stable COPD and its effect on the expression of serum IL-33/sST2 axis
Olanzapine combined with risperidone in elderly patients with schizophrenia
宇世林, 叶春雨, 王瑞斌
YU Shilin, YE Chunyu, WANG Ruibin
Clinical application of parents group cognitive-behavior therapy combined with early family intervention on children with autism spectrum disorders
鲍克秀, 张才溢, 王敏, 宋伟, 仇爱珍, 李新剑
BAO Kexiu, ZHANG Caiyi, WANG Min, SONG Wei, QIU Aizhen, LI Xinjian
Effect of FOCUS-PDCA mode on platelet and activated partial thrombin time of patients in the reconstruction of emergency treatment process of acute stroke
孟玉芝, 王娟, 周俊山, 刘才东, 王振洁
MENG Yunzhi, WANG Juan, ZHOU Junshan, LIU Caidong, WANG Zhenjie
Influence of the presence or absence of lumbar support on the stone removal effect and complications in prone position percutaneous nephrolithotomy
张婷, 张宾, 李成柏
ZHANG Ting, ZHANG Bin, LI Chengbai
Factors influencing adhesive intestinal obstruction after laparoscopic resection of acute appendicitis
何秀萍, 甘连州
HE Xiuping, GAN Lianzhou
Efficacy of gabapentin combined with pulsed radiofrequency in the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia patients and its effect on serum inflammatory factors, sleep and negative emotions
Effect of intramuscular plaster in children with thumb adduction
翟莎莎, 曾祥平, 徐光勇, 张晶
ZHAI Shasha, ZENG Xiangping, XU Guangyong, ZHANG Jing
Effect of air pressure wave combined with routine measures on prevention of deep vein thrombosis of lower extremity in patients with benign gynecological tumor after laparoscopic surgery
白晓燕, 台秀丽, 张玉凤
BAI Xiaoyan, TAI Xiuli, ZHANG Yufeng
Application of transperineal three-dimensional pelvic floor ultrasound in the diagnosis and evaluation of female stress urinary incontinence
闵洁, 彭国平, 陈艳, 林晶
MIN Jie, PENG Guoping, CHEN Yan, LING Jing
Analysis of influencing factors of postpartum hemorrhage in pregnant women converted to cesarean section due to failed vaginal trial delivery and establishment of a risk prediction model
李星, 蔡霞, 费云, 许勤
LI Xing, CAI Xia, FEI Yun, XU Qin
Application of chronic disease management model based on multidisciplinary cooperation in patients with endometriosis
刘文婷, 张莉, 周倩, 江璐
LIU Wenting, ZHANG Li, ZHOU Qian, JIANG Lu
Effect of intraoperative continuous infusion of dexmedetomidine on postoperative sleep quality in patients underwent laparoscopic hysteromyomectomy
石少凯, 骆东超, 王志宁
SHI Shaokai, LUO Dongchao, WAMG Zhining
Effect of oxycodone combined with morphine on postoperative patient-controlled intravenous analgesia in elderly patients undergoing abdominal surgery
Effect of serratus anterior plane block combined with general anesthesia on analgesia, inflammatory cytokines and early recovery in patients undergoing thoracoscopic lobectomy
马俊琦, 闫谧
MA Junqi, YAN Mi
Influence of digital chair-side CAD/CAM technology on the edge fit of implanted crown and bridge restoration
乌玉红, 王海志, 齐长娥, 郭鹏女
WU Yuhong, WANG Haizhi, QI Chang’e, GUO Pengnü
Comparison of the clinical effects of Invisalign® MA appliance and Twin-block appliance on the patients with skeletal class II malocclusion
曹伟清, 林汤毅, 吕冬, 何强
CAO Weiqing, LIN Tangyi, LÜ Dong, HE Qiang
TightRope钢板与锁骨钩钢板联合喙肩韧带转位治疗Rockwood III型肩锁关节脱位的疗效比较
Comparison of TightRope system and hook plate fixation with coracoacromial ligament transfer in the treatment of Rockwood type III acromioclavicular joint dislocation
储淼, 周建刚, 蒋涛, 鲍卫国
CHU Miao, ZHOU Jiangang, JIANG Tao, BAO Weiguo
Effect of muscle isokinetic training with visual biofeedback on muscle strength, proprioception and joint function rehabilitation of patients with meniscus injury after arthroscopy
郭亚俏, 贾静, 刘静, 李远征
GUO Yaqiao, JIA Jing, LIU Jing, LI Yuanzheng
Clinical effect of transverse tibial transport for treatment of diabetic foot
万蓉, 尹碧, 徐伟才, 朱义用
WAN Rong, YIN Bi, XU Weicai, ZHU Yiyong
Association between 25-hydroxyvitamin D and thyroid function in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus combined with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
方芳, 李刚, 汤华萍
FANG Fang, LI Gang, TANG Huaping
Effect of extended nursing care outside hospital on self-management level and glucose control in patients with schizophrenia complicated with diabetes mellitus
顾陈英, 陈姬
GU Chenying, CHEN Ji
Effect of group psychological capital intervention on resilience, emotional state and job burnout of nurses in intensive care unit
岳丽, 程璐, 李凤云, 张迎, 孔蓓蓓, 刘红玲, 何永清, 翟谢民
YUE Li, CHENG Lu, LI Fengyun, ZHANG Ying, KONG Beibei, LIU Hongling, HE Yongqing, ZHAI Xiemin

综述 Review

Mechanisms, clinical diagnosis and treatment of alpha-fetoprotein-producing gastric cancer: The research status
陆泳言, 姜文凯, 李硕, 易剑锋
LU Yongyan, JIANG Wenkai, LI Shuo, YI Jianfeng
Application value of circulating tumor DNA in brain glioma
陈静, 韦小白, 田伟平
CHEN Jing, WEI Xiaobai, TIAN Weiping
Research progress in homer1a-mGluR5 in depression
杨丽丽, 张晓爽, 解雅英
YANG Lili, ZHANG Xiaoshuang, XIE Yaying
Effects of ionizing radiation on testicular reproductive function
杨娟, 曾慧红, 邵立健
YANG Juan, ZENG Huihong, SHAO Lijian
Pathogenesis and treatment of renal ischemia-reperfusion lung injury
张华阳, 张俊勇, 郑白术, 葛成国
ZHANG Huayang, ZHANG Junyong, ZHENG Baishu, GE Chengguo
Sublobar resection and the identification of postoperative thickening of the margin
郑佳杰, 孙志勇, 唐健, 叶清, 傅于捷, 曹子昂, 赵晓菁
ZHENG Jiajie, SUN Zhiyong, TANG Jian, YE Qing, FU Yujie, CAO Ziang, ZHAO Xiaojing
Research progress in the pathogenesis of venous thromboembolism in idiopathic membranous nephropathy
王姣姣, 解汝娟
WANG Jiaojiao, XIE Rujuan
Frailty assessment and management for elder adults with hematologic malignancies
梁璐, 薛华
Application of artificial intelligence-assisted system in benign and malignant cytology and histopathology
江杨, 刘崇梅
JIANG Yang, LIU Chongmei