Guido Bellezza

Department of Experimental Medicine – Section of Pathologic Anatomy and Histology, Perugia Medical School, Hospital “Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria”, Perugia, Italy

Research interests: Pathology

- Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Perugia University, (110/110 cum laude) (01.03.93).
- Examination of professional qualification: The session 1993 (April). Rating: 86/90.
- Specialization in Pathology: University of Perugia 26/10/98. Rating: 50/50 cum laude.

- From 1 November 2000 is assistant professor at the Section of Pathology of the Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Perugia.
- Since November 15, 2003 is confirmed university researcher at the Section of Pathology of the Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Perugia (Director Prof. Angelo Sidon).
- Professor of a teaching module of Pathology at the Degree in Medicine and Surgery.
- Professor of Pathology at the Degree Course in Dentistry and Science in Medical Biotechnology, Veterinary and Forensic.
- Holder of the module "Techniques of Pathology" in the teaching of "diagnostic methodologies of Pathology" at the Degree Course in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques.

- Publications:
84 publications in extenso
90 "abstracts" of which 65 related to National Conferences and 25 related International Conferences

- He attended the Institute of Pathology as a medical volunteer since 1992.
- Since 1995 actively participates in the autopsy.
- From December 1, 2000 is equivalent to the role of Medical Manager level and provides its service at the S.C. Pathological Anatomy Hospital "Santa Maria della Misericordia "(Director Prof. Angelo Sidoni).
- From January 2003 he is responsible for shifts availability of intraoperative tests for suitability of organs for transplantation.
- From December 2008 he is responsible for the reporting of characterizations Biopathological carcinomas of the lung and breast.
- Referent for his institution for quality controls AIOM-SIAPEC for determination of HER2 in breast cancer and ALK/ROS1 in lung carcinoma.

Editorial Board Member of JCPR
Terms of Appointment: Apr 2021 - Mar 2023

Updated on April 6, 2021